At 52 David Blasio Nsaale Wabula Akayole (title of chief royal traditional thatcher which Nsaale’s lineage inherits) died and was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Kikumbi, Mityana.

Kyambogo university, where he worked as a lecturer in the departments of languages and business studies mourned the loss of a diligent, dependable, competent and knowledgeable skilled lecturer; one- in the words of the head of department- is difficult to replace. He had joined Kyambogo University from Makerere University Business School, Nakawa.
David Nsaale graduated at Makerere University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Education. In 1993, he attained a Masters of Arts in Education of Makerere University. He started out as a secondary school teacher at Mackay Memorial College, Nateete ,Rubaga Girls and Lubiri Secondary schools . Following a calamity where he lost a younger brother- another Budonian - and a father at the hands of the notorious UNLA in 1985, he took refuge in Kenya where he taught at the prestigious Kericho based Kipisigis Girls School. Throughout this service he added on the role of examiner for both the Uganda and Kenya National Examinations Boards.

King’s College Budo 1974-1979 will remember him as the rhythm guitarist for the Budo College Band (the school band). The others were Andrew Baingana (band leader and solo guitarist )- now deceased , John Brown Ruvuza ( treasurer and main vocalist )- who lives in Germany, Geoffrey Mugalu-,deceased, Andrew Kasirye - now an attorney in private practice, and his younger brother who is deceased, Horatious Sempa- a teacher, Moses Rwakitarate - a Brigadier who is the UPDF Air force Chief of Staff, and Andrew Atiku ( Bass guitarist ) – now a teacher at Mvala secondary school in Arua.
David was an all rounder, a footballer, cricketer and table tennis player. He was the senior monitor for England House 1979 with David Kasasa-Dean of Students Nkumba- as the house prefect and Andrew Mpuuga as the junior monitor. But Budo will remember him for pioneering the Budo Telegraph, a weekly students Newspaper that provided the foundation for future national journalists such as David Sepuuya and Fred Senoga (Snoggie the   cartoonist).
When an old boy/old girl dies, emptiness descends on the survivor especially if the deceased was a friend. David Nsaale believed in the spirit of Budo and when on occasion he put his reason to earthly matters, he almost became surreal. His memory will always lie beside those with whom he shared the invaluable Budo experience.

Written by Geoffrey Ssenoga- 1974-1979 (England House).